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Funding your Systems

Fixed cost to reduce capital outlay


Systems Integration can offer long term Server and PC leasing. This can be attractive as the systems include a comprehensive support contract, and any failure of hardware is our responsibility to fix – at our cost.


As the systems are rented they are a fixed cost to your business, so no more surprises when a Server or PC needs replacing or upgrading. We can offer two, three, four and five year rental options depending on your requirements and budget. At the end of the agreed term, new equipment replaces old, keeping your infrastructure up to date – all of the time.


This can be an attractive option, as there is no large capital outlay for new equipment, leaving your cash flow available for other projects within your business.


Systems regularly renewed


A part of the rental contract is the guarantee that the systems are upgraded according to the agreed contract, up to current industry indices. Your systems will never need to get old, and any upgrades performed are built into the cost of the rental. Again, fixed costs throughout with no surprises.


Systems always meet your needs


Should you find that your business is growing beyond your system, then we can adjust your agreement to suit your new needs, and replace equipment quickly and efficiently, again, with no large capital outlay, thereby helping to smooth out your cash flow issues due to growth.

- Funding your Systems