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Support Services

Guaranteed rapid response


We can offer a tailored On-Site solution that meets your requirements, whether you need a two hour rapid Server response, an eight-hour guaranteed callout for basic issues, or an all encompassing solution that includes full administration as well as callout requirements.


Full remote suite of services


Using tried and tested secure internet connection technology, we are able to remotely manage your Servers and PC’s, reducing the need for costly engineering visits, whilst also speeding up your response times. We are also able to monitor the health of your systems remotely to catch problems before they happen.


Comprehensive support services


Hardware issues generally account for only 15% of issues within a typical system. For this reason, we offer comprehensive support contracts that also cover operating systems and any other software that you feel is business critical to your systems.


Flexible contract terms


We believe that when it comes to your support contract, you should never pay for what you have not received. For this reason, we do not attempt to ‘sign you up’ for a lengthy contract. Indeed our terms are simple, we will invoice you at the start of the month under maintenance cover, and you only pay at the end of the month, after you have received our services. If we do not live up to your expectations, there is no contract to be seen out, and you will not have wasted your own time and money.

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