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Remote Services

Remote data backup


Using specialist synchronisation software we can offer a remote backup service for your critical data, such as SQL Server databases, critical application data or simply documents that you feel are important enough to keep in more than one place. This can be done hourly or daily depending on your requirements.

Remotely hosted applications


There are occasions where an application that needs to be accessed remotely by many people cannot be serviced in house due to connection bandwidth constraints. In these Instances we can remotely host your applications and run them through our leased lines for maximum speed and connectivity.

Disaster recovery services


As well as remote data backup, we can offer a suite of services in the event of your business suffering a major or long term failure of business continuity (a building fire, or flood for example).  Our offices contain a set of servers and systems ready to serve your needs within a few hours, allowing you to continue working whilst your business infrastructure is being rebuilt.

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